Micro-Registration Four Color Screen Printer Kit (Shipping Included for the USA)


This is our coup ‘de gras, our top of the line.

This kit includes all of the hardware, including the following:

All of the hardware, including the swivel, the turnbuckles, springs, hinges, and screws.

Precision robotic cut parts.

Full PDF instruction with all the details needed for assembly.

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We spent many years working on preparing a press equipped with micro-registration but that could be sold at an affordable price. After numerous prototypes, we developed a press that can be built by you at home using precut parts and hardware that we package and send to you. It’s a 4-color, tabletop unit equipped with micro-registration and off-contact controls. Please see below for pricing and a description.

Questions about this kit? Ask them using our contact form found on our contact page.

Description: This is a 4-color, Table Top T-shirt Printing Press with micro-registration. It can be clamped, screwed or bolted to an existing table and used to print T-shirts or other clothing using up to four colors of ink.


Four screen arms in order to do 4-color printing (screens not included).

Front and back “off-contact” adjustments. “Off-contact” refers to the need to have your screens hover about 1/8 inch above your shirts in order to have a clear image. With both front and back adjustments, you can get the angle AND height of your screens exactly where you need them.

Left to right micro-registration: Move any of the four screens to the left or right using a built in control.

Front to back and rotation micro-registration: Move both adjusters to move any of the four screens front or backwards, or move just one to rotate a screen.

Spring tension adjustment: Adjust the tension of springs that hold up the screen arms.

Shirt platen: A shirt platen is included in the package for placing your shirts when printing.

You put it together: All parts come pre-drilled so you know right where to put the screws. A fun project for those who enjoy building from kits!

A pdf with full instructions will be sent to you when you order the kit. Kits come with all parts unassembled.

What else will you have to buy to build this? Everything is included in the kit for the printing press itself, so you just need tools, wood glue and welding glue. (Such as JB Weld)

See a video of the OLD VERSION of the press, including a demonstration of a shirt being printed. The old version did not have micro registration or off-contact adjustments.


Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 6 in