Printing Plans


Build the printer from a kit, or from plans that are free.

It’s your business! We just have to start! There is no magic in a side hustle, otherwise it would be call a side trick.

We are a resource for new and do-it-yourself screen printers who want to print T-shirts and other items with limited money and resources. Many hundreds of people have built high-quality, four-color T-shirt printing presses using the free plans from this site. In addition to the plans, we sell kits that contain all the hardware needed to build the screen-press from our plans, and even a package that contains all of the lumber precut with robotic precision for the deluxe version as well. This deluxe version features micro-registration at an unusually affordable price.

  • All of the hardware in the kit.
  • Building from plans
  • in construction kit
  • Four Color Press kit
  • movable arm
  • built from plans